There are two ways to get real-time event alerts and data:

  1. Dispatch UI (web app) — for apps & alerting methods we natively support (email, Telegram, Discord)

  2. Webhooks — for unsupported or custom apps and services

Both require a Dispatch account and using the UI in a web browser to configure.

Create your first Patch

All you need to start getting alerts and automated data from Dispatch (beta) is an account and at least one Patch.

Don't have a Dispatch account yet? Request an invite

A Patch consists of a Trigger event and a result Action (what you want to happen once the Trigger event occurs).

Once you have a Dispatch account, you can

  • Get alerts for smart contract activity

  • Get alerts for balance changes & balance threshold crossings

  • Use balance changes, smart contract event emissions and function calls to trigger emails, Discord or Telegram messages, and custom workflows via webhook

Step 1: Log in

Log in to your Dispatch account. For the best experience we recommend using a computer rather than a mobile device.

Step 2: Select a Trigger

Select a Trigger from the dropdown in the Dashboard:

Step 3: Select an Action

Select an Action from the dropdown in the Dashboard:

Next: Configure Trigger & Action settings

Configure your Trigger event and Action settings

Wait for your events to start flowing 🎉

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