What is Dispatch?

Dispatch (beta) is your hub for crypto, DeFi, NFT and blockchain alerts & automation.

It's designed so that anyone (not just developers) can use on-chain activity to trigger alerts and automated workflows so you can stop manually refreshing block explorers or building custom tools, and spend your time and energy on more important things.

Dispatch can help you...

  • Respond to rapidly changing market conditions

  • Investigate potential security issues

  • Get insights into how your community and customers are interacting with your contracts and projects

  • Automatically keep your team in sync with launch, drop, claim, and redemption activity

  • Power internal dashboards and external leaderboards

With a few clicks, you can easily get alerts for real-time on-chain crypto, DeFi and NFT events and send that data wherever it's most convenient.

➡️ Our no-code interface (UI) is in closed beta now. Request an invite

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Use cases

With an intuitive, easy no-code UI, Dispatch enables data to flow automatically and transparently across your product, team, and communities in just a few clicks — keeping internal and external parties in sync, and your user base engaged.

  • Security: Automatically notify team members when unexpected permissions changes, proxy upgrades, or other events are initiated in your contracts

  • Gaming: Power dynamic Web3 game interfaces and leaderboards with the freshest user data

  • Community: Keep your community engaged by auto-posting to an alert or activity channel in your Discord server for key activity like claims, mints, artwork reveals, quest completions and more

  • Phygital: Easily connect the physical and digital worlds through real-time tracking of physical goods, NFT redemptions and forges

  • Brands: Track real-time user engagement across your in-store, next gen IRL experiences & loyalty programs

Key Concepts


A Trigger is an event you want Dispatch to listen for.

Some Trigger examples:

  • When specific events are emitted by smart contracts

  • When certain smart contract functions are called

  • When the balance of a specific token in a wallet changes

  • When a token balance goes above or below a certain threshold


An Action is what happens (what Dispatch does) when your Trigger conditions are met.

Some examples of Actions:

  • Send an email

  • Send a Telegram message

  • Post in a Discord server channel

  • Send a JSON payload to a webhook URL

  • Log events to Dispatch Monitor


In Dispatch, automations and alerts are called Patches.

Each automation, or Patch, consists of a Trigger and an Action.

Patches "fire" when Trigger conditions are met — meaning Dispatch performs the "Action", sending the Trigger's event data to the channel you've chosen.

Sample Patches:

  • Send newly registered Ethereum Name Service names to my database via webhook

  • Send me an email when the team wallet's ETH balance falls below 2 ETH

  • Post in my project's Discord server when NFTs from a new drop are forged or minted

Supported networks

Dispatch currently supports event monitoring of verified smart contracts on these networks:

  • Ethereum

  • Polygon

  • Arbitrum

  • Base

  • Optimism

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