What is Dispatch?

Dispatch is your hub for crypto, DeFi and blockchain automation; it gives anyone the ability to get alerts for real-time on-chain crypto, DeFi and NFT events and send that data wherever it's most convenient.
➡️ Our no-code interface (UI) is in closed beta now. Request an invite.
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Use cases

With an intuitive, easy no-code UI, Dispatch enables data to flow automatically and transparently across your product, team, and communities in just a few clicks — keeping internal and external parties in sync, and your user base engaged.
  • Community: Keep your community engaged by automating on-chain activity notifications to channels you care about most
  • Phygital: Easily connect the physical and digital worlds through real-time tracking of physical goods, NFT redemptions and forges
  • Brands: Track real-time user engagement across your in-store, next gen IRL experiences & loyalty programs
  • Gaming: Power dynamic Web3 game interfaces with the freshest user data

Key Concepts


A Trigger is an event you want Dispatch to listen for.
Examples of Esprezzo Dispatch Patch Trigger events from smart contracts for Ethereum Name Service, PROOF Collective, and Gamee G-Bots
Dispatch Trigger examples
Some Trigger examples:
  • When specific events are emitted by smart contracts
  • When a NFT from a specific collection is transferred
  • When the balance of a specific token in a wallet changes
  • When a token balance goes above or below a certain threshold
  • When new trading pairs or pools are added on a DEX


An Action is what happens (what Dispatch does) when your Trigger conditions are met.
Some examples of Actions:
  • Send an email
  • Send a Telegram message
  • Post in a Discord server channel
  • Send a JSON payload to a webhook URL
Examples of Esprezzo Dispatch Patch Actions including sending events to a database via webhook and sending messages to Discord and Telegram
Dispatch Action examples


In Dispatch, automations and alerts are called Patches.
Each automation, or Patch, consists of a Trigger and an Action.
Patches "fire" when Trigger conditions are met — meaning Dispatch performs the "Action", sending the Trigger's event data to the channel you've chosen.
Sample Patches:
  • Send newly registered Ethereum Name Service names to my database via webhook
  • Send me an email when the team wallet's ETH balance falls below 2 ETH
  • Post in my project's Discord server when NFTs from a new drop are forged or minted

Supported networks

Dispatch currently supports event monitoring of verified smart contracts on these networks:
  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche