Create your first webhook

Create a Patch in the Dispatch UI and select "webhook" as the Action

Steps to create a webhook:

  1. Log in to the Dispatch app

  2. From the Dashboard, select a Trigger from the Trigger dropdown (event you want Dispatch to listen for, i.e. when a wallet balance changes or goes above or below a threshold, a smart contract emits certain events, etc.)

  3. Select Webhook as the Action:

  4. Click the Complete Patch button, which takes you to the Patch Creator

  5. Configure Trigger settings

  6. Create a new webhook in step 4, Action details: from the Webhook dropdown menu, select "Click here to add a new webhook"

  7. In the "Create webhook" modal, add a descriptive name for your webhook — this is recommended especially if you plan to use multiple webhooks. Provide the webhook endpoint URL — the callback URL your app will use to accept the incoming webhook

  8. Test to make sure Dispatch is able to send to your URL

  9. Click the Turn Patch On button 🎉

Tip: for quick testing, get a unique webhook URL via, paste the URL into Dispatch, and see webhook notifications as they come in.

Once you've created a webhook, you can select it as the output for any other Patches you create by selecting the webhook by name in the Patch Creator and repeating the other steps above.

You can see and manage all your webhooks by visiting Connected Apps under your account settings.

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