Add smart contracts

Use smart contracts events and functions to trigger alerts or automated workflows

To use smart contract event emissions and function calls to trigger alerts and automated workflows, you'll need to add the contracts to Dispatch.

There are 2 ways to add smart contracts to Dispatch:

  1. Add contract during Patch creation (Patch Builder)

  2. Add contract on the Contracts page

Currently Dispatch supports smart contracts on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum One, Base, and Optimism.

Request support for other networks here.

See how to add contracts during Patch creation in the contract activity monitor example.

Adding a smart contract from the Contracts page

Navigate to the Contracts page.

Click the "Add contract" button:

In the modal, add the

  1. Network: the network that the smart contract is on

  2. Contract address: the address of the smart contract you want alerts/automations from

  3. Contract nickname: an easy-to-remember, descriptive name for the contract that will distinguish it from other contracts you might add later

Click the "Add contract" button.

Adding unverified contracts

If the contract you want to monitor is unverified, there are a few extra steps. Namely, you'll need to provide the contract ABI in JSON format.

Proxy contracts

If the contract you're adding is a proxy, Dispatch provides the option to add the associated implementation contract at the same time, so you can monitor activity in both the proxy and implementation contracts.

To monitor activity in both the proxy and implementation contracts, you'll need to provide the ABIs for both contracts.

At this time Dispatch beta does not auto-update monitoring of new implementation contracts when proxy contracts are updated with new implementation contract addresses.

Once you add a contract, you should see it in the top row of the table in Contracts Overview.

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