Create Patches from smart contracts

Easily create alerts and automations using events and functions from verified contracts

Once you've added at least 1 smart contract to Dispatch, it's simple to get alerts or create automations using events or functions from your contract(s).

In addition to event emissions, Dispatch currently supports functions that modify a contract's state. In other words, we do NOT support alerting for functions with stateMutability types of pure or view.

1: Navigate to the Contracts page.

Find the contract you want to use Trigger events or functions from.

At the right end of the row for the selected contract, click on the ••• button and select the "+ Create Patch" option.

This should take you to Patch Builder, step 2: Trigger conditions.

2: Select the contract events and/or functions

Select the events and/or functions you want to use to trigger alerts or workflows by clicking the checkboxes next to them:

Click the "Continue" button.

3: Select the Action

Select the Action (where you want the event & event data to go).

4: Set the Action details

The details will vary depending on the Action you've selected.

5: Test the Action (optional)

All Actions except for Dispatch Monitor provide an option for you to run a test to make sure Dispatch can deliver messages to your selected output.

Dispatch Monitor logs events to Dispatch only.

6: Name the Patch (optional)

Customizing the Patch name is optional; Dispatch adds a default Patch name for you to save time.

Now's the perfect opportunity to double check your Trigger and Action details.

If all looks right, press the "Turn Patch on" button.

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