Viewing contract functions and events

How to view smart contract function calls and event emissions after you've created Patches (alerts or automated workflows)

Once you have created at least one Patch with the Smart contract activity Trigger, you will receive alerts or webhook payloads, depending on the Action you selected in Patch Builder.

If you selected Dispatch Monitor as your Action, you will see events on the Dispatch Monitor page.

Contracts History

The easiest way to inspect activity for your contracts is to go to Contracts History.

The default view displays all event emissions and functions calls in contracts you've added to Dispatch.

Clicking on any row in the table will expand the row to show you all the event details, including the option to see and copy the event log JSON.

To see only activity from certain contract(s), you can

  • Search by contract name

  • Filter the table to show only contracts on certain networks

  • Filter the table to show only certain contract types

  • Any combination of the above

Note that if you are monitoring activity from Dispatch "system" contracts (i.e. pre-existing contracts you did not add to Dispatch), those event emissions and function calls are not displayed in Contracts History, but can be found in Patch History.

Patch History

To view the history of all Patches in your account, not just the activity from your contracts, go to Patch History.

There you can filter the table to show only contract event emissions by selecting the "Smart contract activity" option from the Trigger filter.

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